Sonneta is an app for acoustic measurement of voice and speech on MacĀ® computers.

Evidence-Based & Easy to Use

What makes Sonneta different is its strong evidence-based approach and its intuitive easy-to-use design. Sonneta is based on extensive research at the University of Toronto and the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute. It incorporates peer-reviewed research findings directly into your charts and reports. By using Sonneta, you bring current research evidence to your practice.


Audio Recording

Getting started is simple. The first step is to record sound samples through high-fidelity audio hardware connected to your computer.

Acoustic Measurements

Once a sample is recorded, Sonneta automatically analyzes it and shows a waveform along with a preview of measurements. For sustained phonations, Sonneta also selects the best portion of the recording to measure. You can change this selection simply by dragging it.


Comparing with Norms

Sonneta graphically shows you how your subject compares with healthy age- and gender-matched reference groups (norms). When you make multiple recordings, Sonneta calculates statistics for you and charts them against these norms. When you make measurements over days, weeks or years, Sonneta tracks and charts the entire measurement history, allowing you to see how things have changed.

Keeping it All Together

Sonneta keeps all your recordings, notes and other information for a subject organized in a single document so that you never lose track of them. A customizable questionnaire page can accommodate demographic information or subject history and keep this organized as well. Editable reports can be created with one-click.



"Sonneta is a new and innovative tool for acoustic analysis of voice and speech samples unlike anything out there. Not only does it acquire and process acoustic data in a reliable and intuitive manner, it comes with an easy to use interface, clinical aids such as integrated reporting of data, and perhaps most importantly, with an extensive and current database of scientific publications on all the measures used in this software. Sonneta is the first software in voice and speech assessment that puts true meaning in the concept of evidence-based-practice."

Pascal van Lieshout — Professor, University of Toronto
Dept. of Speech-Language PathologyDept. of PsychologyInstitute of Biomaterials and Biomedical EngineeringGraduate Dept. of Rehabilitation Sciences

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