The healthcare industry is moving steadily toward the use of objective measures to ensure evidence-based practice. Software-assisted measurements can provide this evidence as long as you have appropriate norms to compare with. Sonneta automatically selects norms appropriate to your subject from the hundreds of norms in its extensive library. Moreover, Sonneta's norms come from peer-reviewed research (including some of the latest research) — the best evidence you can get.


Reliable and Valid

A reliable measurement is reproducible and error-free. To evaluate reliability, one makes repeated measurements and compares them. Sonneta groups repeated measurements, and compares and summarizes them graphically for you to remove the guesswork. Sonneta also incorporates robust new technologies to reliably measure disordered voices and falsetto register.

A valid assessment is one that measures what it is intended to measure. Sonneta computes 26 common and accepted measures for voice and 13 for speech. Voice measures include the Dysphonia Severity Index (DSI), a quantity shown to have good correlation with perceptual measures [1]; and the Spectral Flatness of the Residue (SFR) shown to have very high classification accuracy for normal versus disordered voices [2].


Easy to Use

If you can use a word processor, you can use Sonneta. Sonneta's intuitive interface is the result of many iterations with clinicians, SLP students and researchers. It is streamlined to follow your workflow while keeping track of demographic information, questionnaires and notes. It takes one click to record and analyze a voice sample and one click to create an editable report complete with literature references. Sonneta can save you many hours of reference-hunting in the library!


Very Portable

Sonneta runs well on Apple's smallest notebook computer. An 11-inch MacBook Air with an Apogee ONE audio interface and an AKG C 520 microphone weighs under 3.5 pounds, fits in a shoulder-bag or small backpack, and sets up in seconds. You'll never have to sacrifice recording quality for portability.



Sonneta allows you to easily share your recordings, assessment results and reports with others who use both Macs and PCs. You can even create new norms and share those with colleagues.

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