System Requirements

Audio Hardware Requirements

To try out Sonneta, you can use your computer’s built-in microphone. However to collect real data, it is essential to use a higher-quality microphone and audio interface. Simply plug the microphone into the audio interface, and plug the audio interface into your computer, and you are ready to start using Sonneta. Products mentioned here are available through most music stores.


An appropriate choice of microphone is as important as having a quiet environment for assessment. Your microphone should have the following characteristics:

Sonneta has been tested with the following headworn condenser microphones:

And with the following hand-held dynamic microphone:

Audio Interfaces

Once you have selected a microphone, you will need to find an audio interface (sometimes referred to as a pre-amp) to amplify your microphone's signal and convert it to digital format for the computer. Audio interfaces can provide higher fidelity sound recording with lower noise than your computer's microphone input. Your audio interface should have the following characteristics:

 Sonneta has been tested with the following USB audio interfaces:

We recommend the Apogee ONE because it allows Sonneta to track adjustments to microphone gain and keep your system calibrated. With the Apogee ONE, you can optionally use its built-in condenser microphone if you don't wish to plug in a head-mounted model.