Sonneta Voice Monitor is an app for pitch and sound level measurement on iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod touch®.


Sonneta Voice Monitor is used by speech-language pathologists, voice coaches, and their patients and students. It is the only app of its kind to use a pitch detection algorithm published in a leading peer-reviewed journal in voice research. See Tech Specs for more information. Sonneta Voice Monitor is used by clinical faculty and researchers at over 30 universities and teaching hospitals.


Monitor Vocal Pitch and Sound Level

Sonneta Voice Monitor measures vocal pitch (fundamental frequency) and sound pressure level (SPL). It is designed specifically for measuring the human voice — talking, singing, shouting, and humming [1]. A real-time meter display and moving chart provide you with feedback for singing or speech therapy exercises. Pitch is displayed in units of Hertz or semitones, and sound pressure level in decibels. The measurements are hands-free — there is no need to press start/stop buttons.


Set Target Durations

For some voice exercises you may want to measure the duration of a phonation or vocalization. Sonneta Voice Monitor can automatically measure this duration for you. You can even set a target duration and the app will provide visual feedback when you reach your target. This is useful in conjunction with LSVT under supervision of a qualified clinician. Measurements are hands-free — there is no need to press start/stop buttons.


Record Samples

Record samples of your voice for later playback. A recordings list organizes samples by date, and you can give a title to each recording. You might save samples from practice sessions, for example, to show or email to your speech therapist or voice coach.



Play Back Recordings to Review Pitch and Sound Level

When you select a sample from the recordings list, it will be played back over the speaker. Pitch and sound level are displayed during playback. You can also use the slider control to "scrub" to any part of the recording and see the pitch and sound level at that point.

View Statistics

You can view statistics for all your recorded samples. The average, minimum, maximum, range and standard deviation are computed for both pitch and sound level. The maximum phonation time is also saved.

For the live display you can choose the interval over which the pitch and sound level are averaged. This averaging interval can be selected between 0.1 and 30 seconds.



Set Prompts and Alerts

Speech therapists and voice coaches can record prompts for their clients to play back during practice. Any number of prompts can be recorded and then selected by title. To play a prompt, the user simply taps the prompt button during practice.

Therapists can also set upper and lower limits for pitch and sound level. If the user exceeds these limits, the measurement is charted in orange, and an alert is presented.

Organize, Share & Export Data

Speech therapists and voice coaches can create a file for each client. Recordings, prompts, and settings for that client will all be saved in the file. This makes it easy to switch between clients on the same device. Files are encrypted using the most secure File Protection class on iOS (see Complete Protection in the iOS Security White Paper).

Your clients can also share recordings from their devices with you over Mail, Messages, or AirDrop. You can export all measurements from their file to a spreadsheet; and you can archive client files on your computer using iTunes.



Absolute Accuracy

Voice-activated calibration allows you to measure absolute sound level no matter where you place your iPhone or iPad. It even works with external microphones. Calibration requires a sound level meter (sold separately), and is normally done with the help of your speech therapist. You can also use the app without calibration to measure relative sound levels. Pitch measurement does not require calibration.


[1] Sonneta Voice Monitor will not measure the frequency of non-vocal sounds such as whistling, musical instruments, etc.

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